Why I Love Birthdays

Every year each person celebrates on a specific day, which is known as their birthday. My birthday is on the sixteenth of October, I celebrated it last week. What I usually do on my birthday is hangout with my family and eat a delicious white cake with purple frosting. This year I turned twenty years old! It seems weird that I am that age, I feel like I should still be in my early teens. I love the fact that I get to say I am an adult.  

My favorite birthday so far was when I was five, I invited some friends over and my party was My Little Pony themed, with the cake the napkins and even the cups. On my tenth birthday the sprinkles on my cake formed a ten, I wanted that for my twentieth birthday.  

The reason I love birthdays so much is that you get a day to celebrate you. Another reason is because I get gifts, the only other time I get gifts is on Christmas. What I love most about it though, is spending time with the people I love. 

On my actual birthday after I was born, I had to be rushed to the Sioux Falls because I was having breathing problems. My parents prayed that I would make it, God answered their prayer! It was because of Him and the nurse that saved me that I’m still alive to this day.  

So, if your birthday is coming up soon, take the time to celebrate! It’s the perfect time to hang out with your family your family and friends.  

Written by: Laura Dalton

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