Winter, Movies, and Motto!


My name is Kordell DeBoer. I entered the Next Program this year.  I hate the cold of winter, so I’ll take any warm season over the cold. I have made some videos on YouTube and one day I would like to make my own movies.

I have seen five movies in the movie theatre since I joined college, most notably Jojo Rabbit. It is the only movie that I saw that is nominated for best picture, and therefore my choice for best picture. It is about a young boy named Jojo (played by Roman Griffin Davis) living in Nazi Germany who is obsessed with everything Nazi. He even has Adolf Hitler as his imaginary friend (played by Taika Waititi). However, his Mom (named Rosie, played by Scarlett Johansson) is part of a resistance group and is hiding; of all things, a Jewish girl named Elsa (played by Thomasin McKenzie). He finds out about the girl one day, and is afraid that she could kill him, or the Nazis would kill both of them if they found out.  And who knows what would happen if Mom knew about this! So he decides to call a truce: he will not kill her if she gives him info about the Jews so that he could write a book about them and (more importantly) kill them.

My motto is, “a person who speaks in others people quotes does not live an original life” i.e. stop sharing quotes or tidbits from other, semi-famous people. Everybody has a saying that touch people’s hearts to some degree, but don’t spend all day on that. Maybe once in a while do it, but don’t do every second of everyday.

One day I would like to ride as many (non kiddie) roller coasters in America as humanly possible.

Written by: Kordell DeBoer