FYS Service Project and Bearcats

By Joel Kafer

Last Thursday I did a service project for FYS.  We cleaned stuff up and did yard work. I enjoy helping other people. I enjoyed helping the family we were working with to get stuff done. On Saturday, I went to a Northwest Missouri Bearcats football game with my SCL worker Sara and her family. The Bearcats won their season opener in Maryville. We left the fourth quarter because it was hot. After we get back from the game we fixed supper and I watched the USC Trojans and the Texas Longhorns game.   On Sunday, we went to church ; then Mom and I drove back to Orange City.

Getting to College and Labor Day

By Joel Kafer


For five years I wanted to go to college. I wanted to come to college so I can be more independent.  I want to go to college so I can help people.  I am excited to come to Northwestern College. I like  Northwestern because it is a smaller campus and everyone is friendly. I like getting to hang out with friends. I like my classes. I am taking Art of The Blog , FYS and NEXT classes that will help me with life skills and career choices. I like going to the gym to workout. I like going to chapel. While I am here I want to learn about money, I want to go to the basketball games, football games and wrestling meets .



On Thursday my Mom and Dad found an apartment near campus. Over Labor Day weekend we got a U-Haul and Dad moved Mom and I into the apartment. There was nothing in the apartment. We had to buy everything. We got all of our furniture and brought some of our clothes.

We brought the Playstation 4  so we can play games. On Friday night we went to Walmart and bought stuff for the kitchen. We decided we forgot some stuff so on Saturday we had to go to Walmart again.  

On Tuesday I started my classes. I’m taking “Art of the Blog” and “FYS”. I like my workout class. I am happy to be back at college. My mom is staying with me until May so I can go to college.  We will find me a roommate so they can eat with me and help me with my schoolwork . My mom and dad spent a lot of money for me to go to Northwestern so I want to be here for 2 years.