My College Experience so Far!

Hi, I am Makenzie, and I am from Sioux Falls, SD. This is my first year in the NEXT program at Northwestern College. I moved into Stegenga Hall on August 21, 2020. I was nervous at first, but I went to a movie The Princess Bride that night on campus with my roommate Anna and my RA and that help my nerves a little and I really like the movie.

Makenzie and Anna, her roommate!

I am part of Theatre Production Ensemble and on Monday before classes we had pizza all together with just the first-year students and it was a good time. I am helping with scenic crew and we built the set for the last play called Lost’s Labour’s Lost. For this coming play I am still in the scenic crew, but I am also a tour guide and this play is called Jabberwocky. I help with the theater two times a week. 

I am also helping with the soccer team 3 days a week. It is fun to help with it and meet the team. I played soccer in high school, but I did not want to play soccer in college. I decided that I would just help with the team. My roommate plays goalie on the team. I go to the home games because some of the away games are a long way. It helped helping with the team and theater and now I know a lot more people. 

I had mentors that are scheduled to eat lunch with me on certain days and it’s nice then I already have someone to eat with and then we sometimes go to sporting events together. As I gotten to know people better in soccer, TPE and mentors I started feeling like I was at home. I am excited for the future. 

Written by: Makenzie Vander Haar

Why I Love Northwestern!

Laura - Blog photo

When I first visited Northwestern College in Orange City, IA I instantly fell in love with the campus. Not just because of the modern buildings but also because of all the nice people there. When I was in high school it was hard for me to fit in. I have made more friends at Northwestern than I ever did in my whole life. They are also all willing to help. If it weren’t for my mentors I would not be able to actually comprehend what is going on in class.

Not only are the people nice, but we also have fun activities to do on our free time, like doughnut walks, ball games, and v-shows. They also have a very cool art and theatre department, where you can express yourself in different ways. If you have nothing planned for the weekend, look at the schedule, there might be something you would find interesting happening that weekend.

The way I found out about Northwestern College was because of my mom. She had two college options for me. The first option I did not like. The second option was perfect for me. Northwestern offers a program for students with disabilities. In this program they teach us things such as life skills, career skills, and wellness. They also provide us with mentors who help us with class assignments, take us to activities, eat and hangout with us.

Northwestern is like my second home. I feel like I can be myself there. So, if you are looking for a college, check out Northwestern. They take people of all kinds, so everyone can fit in. I’ve never felt more at home at a place that isn’t my home

Written By: Laura Dalton