From Orphan to Christian by Emily Sides

Have you wondered how you managed to get to where you are today? One minute I’m an orphan in a Russian Orphanage the next thing I know I am a Christian at Northwestern College. With God all things are possible, he has a plan for everyone. In the story of Joseph he was living in Canaan with his family, but his brothers betrayed him and lied to their father about his death. But God had other plans for Joseph by making him the ruler of Egypt and helping with the famine. When his brothers came back, he forgave them and helped them. God has plans for us when we are in college or somewhere else, he will be with us and help us whenever we are going through a rough time. He had a plan for me to come to Northwestern because he knew I would belong here. My time here at Northwestern has been a lot of work and fun. I would encourage other students with disabilities to come here. My favorite subjects are video production, TPE, and positive choices. I like these subjects because video production is teaching me how to make my videos better on my YouTube channel. I want to increase my acting experience so I’m taking TPE. I already know some of the stuff I’m learning in positive choices, but I don’t mind learning some of the same stuff that I learned in my Child development class in high school. Hope you guys like my February blog post.       

Fun at the Special Olympics written by Christina Rasmussen

Special Olympics Iowa has given me access to compete in sports. I love sports and basketball is my favorite. I also play softball, flag football, soccer, swim, and bowl. I am also trained to give speeches as a Global Messenger at Special Olympics events. Many of those sports I have competed on Unified teams. Unified partners are athletes without intellectual disabilities who volunteer to play sports together on a team with Special Olympics athletes. Unified partners help us learn new skills and become our friends. This helps athletes with intellectual disabilities reach new goals in their athletic abilities as well as in their social lives and educational development. I like playing Unified sports with my brothers and sisters. I like when I get first place in soccer every year at Special Olympics and I like to be with friends at Special Olympics.

Basketball is so important to me because I like being at practice and games, sitting on the bench with the players and filling up water bottles. Also, I like hanging out with them because I like playing basketball in the RSC and I get to shoot hoops after practice every single day when they are done with practice. I get to eat in the cafeteria after practice every day and the coaches always say “Hi” to me every practice. I am close with all of the basketball players and coaches and the other manager too. We get game jerseys ready during practice when told by the other manager and put the basketballs away. After practice every day we sit together at a table in the cafeteria as a team.

Christina and her flag football team after receiving their medals!
Christina and her softball team.
Christina and the other Global Messengers at their training.