My First Week at COLLEGE!

By: Taylor Hudson  

Looking into the Future!

Ah, the first week of college feels like yesterday… doesn’t it? But now we are in late April and now we are gearing up for our finals, graduation, and baccalaureate. But let me tell you all about my experience on orientation weekend! Hi, my name is Taylor Hudson, and I am a freshman here at Northwestern.  

The day was August 21, 2020 my dad, my mom, and I were in the process of moving my furniture from my dad’s truck to my dorm room and let me tell you! I was an emotional wreck, lots of tears were just shed in the first hour of arrival but John Menning was there to help me move in and it felt good knowing that someone I knew was already there. The next person I met was Samantha Martin she is the assistant director of the program and she is a wonderful human. She wanted to get to know me before the other students’ arrival, and then I met my RA, Vanessa, a junior here and the whole wing was decorated in FRIENDS merch and I immediately felt like I belonged here, but the tears were still flowing, and it was time to meet some more people!  

I was scared for my LIFE, thinking I will not meet any new friends but within thinking of that I made my first friend! Her name is Shaylee, and she is also a freshman and we hit it off right away! We walked together to the all-hall meeting and met all the Resident Assistant’s and of course the resident director Natalie. Tears were flowing as it was time to say goodbye to my parents as I had to leave them. I cried but thankfully Mr. Menning came to my rescue and he asked me, “What is wrong?” I told him I was worried sick about grades and tests, but he relieved me and said to me, “You do not need to worry about them, you only have to do them if you want to.” And the panic disappeared, and I was ready.  

Shortly after that I started my on-campus job! I became a food service worker at the Cafe! Everyone is extremely friendly and willing to work with you! I started as a server and then eventually grew some knowledge so after Christmas Break, I got a new position as a cook’s help and it was AMAZING! Mr. Coon taught me amazing new skills that I am excited to use!  

Here at Northwestern College, I am an Elementary Education Major and hoping to add a history minor to my name!  

My First Week of College

Me and my roommate, Trey, on our way to my first football game!

My college experience started on August 21, 2020.  At the beginning I was nervous about if people would like me, meeting new people, and if I was going to like it here at Northwestern College.  Trey Harms, my roommate was reassuring and said “Don’t Worry!”  My Mom and Dad drove me from Marquette, Kansas and helped me move in.  John Menning, Jonny Schuiteman, and Samantha Martin (NEXT Program Staff) met my family in my dorm room and helped me get settled in.  My parents stayed in a hotel room overnight then left in the morning.  I was excited and a little sad to watch them drive away. I was excited to be on-campus and independent!        

What I remember most about my first weekend at college is watching The Princess Bride on the Green with all the other students.  I sat in my chair next to other people who were enjoying the movie.  It was really really funny!  My favorite character was the giant.  I went to the O-show which was an improv show that talked about campus and the rules we needed to know.  My roommate, Trey, was in the O-Show as a fancy cowboy! It was also very funny.

Some of the other activities I did during the first week of college were; watching karaoke on the Green, meeting other NEXT students and their parents, having Root beer Floats with my First Year Seminar class, and meeting the football coach.  I am excited to help manage the football team this fall!

Written by: Ryan Ronsse