My Life in College by Amanda Heldt

Hi my name is Amanda Heldt, I am a senior at Northwestern college. I picked Northwestern College because I just love how everyone is included and how this is a Christian campus. I found my faith deeper here. I am a college cheerleader I love it. My dream job is working at one of the schools in my hometown, Brookings, SD, as a special education teacher assistant and at a hospital as a child life specialist. I really want to be a teacher assistant because I just love kids and I love working with all of the kids. It brings joy to my eyes when they learn something new that I teach them. My other major I really want to be a child life specialist because I have been around other child life specialists a lot in the hospital back in my past so it is my turn to make them happy. I feel really confident that I will really love my two dream jobs. 

Somethings that I will miss about this college is my roommate Chloe, how everybody is included in every event that they have for the students, and to audition for things around campus. They don’t turn any students down for an activity. The last 2 things I will miss is my cheer friends and all of my friends. 

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